Sample Translations

Apart from numerous letters, briefing notes, program profiles, handouts, etc., here is a brief list of translations. Please note that nearly all of them are for the Government of Nunavut and were reviewed and edited before being published.

Curriculum Foundation Documents

  • Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: Le cadre d’éducation dans les écoles du Nunavut (Educational Framework for Schools in Nunavut)
  • Inuglugijaittuq: Les fondements de l’inclusion scolaire dans les écoles du Nunavut (School Inclusion in Nunavut Schools)
  • Ilitaunnikulirniq: Les fondements de l’évaluation dynamique en tant qu’apprentissage dans les écoles du Nunavut (Dynamic Evaluation in Nunavut Schools)

Education Materials

  • Program outlines for: Trades and Engineering, Arts 1, Technology, History, Caregiving, Entrepreneurship
  • Principals’ Monthly Reports
  • School Program Plans 
  • Year-end reports
  • Divisional Priorities for the CSFN (Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut): pedagogical coordinator, additional teachers, school enlargement end renovations, new school construction…

Press Releases

  • Tobacco Reduction Framework, Flemish Parliament, Tobacco Reduction Campaign, Tobacco has no Place Here…

Ministerial Statements

  • Support for Adult Learning
  • Status of Nunavut Mining and Mineral Exploration Industry
  • Nunavut Carving Stone Deposits
  • Community Tourism
  • The Poverty Summit
  • High Arctic Exploration

  • Nunavut Professional Drivers’ Handbook (60 pages)
  • Inuit Way (45 pages)
  • Land Mammals on Nunavut (partial translation of 70 pages).
  • Nunavut Action Plan for the “2005-2009 Official Languages in Education Program” (Heritage Canada), plus Annual Reports (27 pages)
  • Nunavut Action Plan for the “2009-2013 Official Languages in Education (20 pages)
  • Yukon Territory Action Plan for 2009-2013 Official Languages in Education Program” (Heritage Canada) (25 pages)

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